Artist Statement

Photocredit. Luke Holland.

Photocredit. Luke Holland.

Capture the clatter of words that stack so neatly and fold up like a gift.

Mark the pleasure of three sounds that fall together in song.

What serves to preserve the long, long length of your young, young skin - that even flushed, knows its own rot?

Can I clutch it, strike it, underline it or bite it?

That beauty. 


My work explores the struggle and triumphs of individuals, yet aims to provoke a feeling in the viewer that is known to all of us -  a hollowing sense of regret, a seemingly infinite period of patience, the relief of the realisation that you are where you belong, a hovering uncertainty of where you are heading. The bloodless glory of holding it in. 

Authentic work derives from the truth of the artist and the essence for me is the shared reality of being a woman. Beauty is a theme, but it is one of several. Choosing to paint women in underwear, in poses that lack an overtly provocative nature, hint at an awkwardness and a suggestion of domestic banality. The drawing together of optimistic youthfulness and quiet isolation interests me. 

Combining oil paint with a variety of other materials allows me to contrast areas of loose mark making alongside finer blending. The comparison of expressive and painterly versus formal and traditional brings immediacy to the work. When painting I work towards upholding the essence and vitality of the figure, leaving areas unfinished or outlined in order to suggest tension or movement. I aim to give the viewer a notion of possibility - a sense that something has just happened or is about to happen. But after all of that, the act of my painting enjoys no reason and serves only to mark time.


Clare graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Fine Art in 2004.

She has been a fine art tutor and practising artist since then.

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Clare is based at Jamaica Street Studios in Bristol.